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Need help

2008-05-06 15:19:52 by Valgeir

need help with making videos.


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2008-05-06 15:44:54

PM me with what you need to know ;)

Valgeir responds:

what flash maker i need and how to make a video


2008-05-08 02:35:00

commonly people use Adobe Flash CS3 to make flash animations. You can download the 30 day trial but after that your gonna have to buy it.. or get some sort of "crack". however i do not condone illegal downloading it is your choice if you would like to. Also If you would like to know how to make a video. there are many tutorials on newgrounds and other sites. I would suggest seaching "Flash Tutorials" into google.. GL! :)

Valgeir responds:

Where can i get this Adobe Flash CS3 free trial


2008-05-08 16:08:36

you can get the trial. on the adobe website. just search "adobe Flash CS3 trial" into google. and you should get the download

Valgeir responds:

ok thanks il vote 5 on youre games


2008-05-09 16:33:51

thats incredibly nice considering they suck LOL.

Valgeir responds:

i now they are realy bad


2008-05-17 10:43:10

dude at the begining it says its supposed to look badly drawn!