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Video game making

2010-03-08 15:24:38 by Valgeir

What program should i use to make games?, I downloaded some crap that cant make anything. What program should i use?


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2010-03-12 12:30:45

The best in my opinion is flash, its pretty hard to use but you get used to it, game maker is okay, its a lot easier than flash but the only website that takes game maker games is yoyo games. Rpg maker is also okay, you can only make rpgs with it, its even easier than game maker to use but the game can only be submitted on a rpg maker website.

Valgeir responds:

I downloaded Adobe flash CS4 Professional, But i need to see alot off tutorials before i can use it.


2010-03-19 15:53:13

If you need any help just ask.

Valgeir responds:

I gave up imma make music instead :P


2010-07-15 15:20:04

This is Bartymany's New Name.

Valgeir responds:

lol yeah you PM'd me